UK band Paradas sing about temptation in ‘Lost cause’

5/22/2020 08:43:00 am

Indie-rock band Paradas have released their latest single ‘Lost Cause’ via Paradas Records. Exit Through sound adds, “‘Lost Cause’ diverts from the sombre atmosphere of its predecessor ‘With No Feeling’, into the territory of a man’s night out, and all the excitement that goes along with it, but the menacing bassline creates an unsettling tone.”

‘Lost Cause’ sounds like someone that is in emotional distress, and giving into their vices to keep their head above water, with the lyrics starting with “I won't give into you, I won't give into you, I won't give into you, I won't give in to” and the chorus shifting with “I feel it, I feel it, Desire, I need it, I need it Desire”

Paradas adds, “This track is an eerie sounding rock song, with a strong vocal line which speaks of the mental battle of temptations on a night out.” The band features South African lead singer Liam Schwegmann, drummer Danny Pash from London, pianist Harry Scott from Lincoln, and both lead guitarist Matt Hanson and bassist Cameron Maxwell from Manchester.

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