Montenegro singer MILENA shares ‘Higher Hopes’

5/22/2020 02:52:00 pm

Image: Hana Zielinska Belanova     

Multi-talented artist MILENA has shared her single ‘Higher Hopes’ via Milena Lainovic. MILENA previously worked as a Radio Presenter and Music Journalist at Capital Radio, presenting on the successful evening show, Sedmica and Saturday show Jukebox. Muze FM shares their opinion on the single, “MILENA shines with her graceful vocals along with the hopeful message that we as humans have the opportunity to become better versions of ourselves everyday.

Speaking of the single, MILENA says, “Higher Hopes” a powerful ballad reminiscent of old school 80s & 90s classical numbers, with its slow build-up, culminating in a rainbow of voices, journeying you to the end. "Higher Hopes" introduces a melodic acoustic piano, whispering to the listener with an early morning calling to the creator, instilling, hope, faith, and belief that we can be better creatures. In times of weakness, we get moments of clarity, that moment when we’re lost and we become found, staying true to ourselves and finally feeling truly happy and content with being alone.

The vocals on ‘Higher Hopes’ are captivatingly soothing, alongside the mesmerizing and complimentary acoustic piano.

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