London musician Drew Davies ‘X and Y’ video unsettles

5/12/2020 03:23:00 pm

Music blog TGTBTI shared a fitting comparison of Drew Davies latest music video for song ‘X and Y’, “Davies carries a lyrical message of hope, and light amongst an uncanny atmosphere that feels like you are watching another episode of The Twilight Zone.” The song ‘X and Y’ will feature on Davies’s new self-titled album.

Davies adds his opinion on the video, "The video for X and Y acts as a waypoint in time, given that the lockdown was announced hours after we finished shooting. There was a strange atmosphere in the air and London was pretty much like a ghost town; I think because of this and the work of Henry Croston (Director) the video acts as a time capsule for what's been a very unusual period in our lives."

The video features Davies crossing paths with a couple on the verge of breaking up. Backdrops of empty London streets and pubs great an unsettlingly grim image, suggesting loneliness and isolation. We are left to wonder, and rewatch the video in order to understand the layers that it suggests there to be, as the lyrical content contrasts with the video. Or maybe not? Maybe Drew’s lonely outings in the video capture his emotional isolation that is evident in the lyrics.

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