TGC share dreamy pop ballad 'Echo'

10/30/2019 03:06:00 pm

TGC have returned with a new single 'Echo' which is accompanied by a B-side, 'Bad Side.' Now we're not sure what they're implying here, but we're pretty sure that there's only good stuff coming from the funky electro-pop duo.

This latest offering is a dreamy pop ballad, infused with TGC's characteristic bright vocals. Milla and Marlow have an uncanny knack for creating sounds that are unique, yet strongly, well, TGC.

“Both songs were born out of depression,” says Milla. “‘Bad Side’ is a more sad and reflective song on how I drift/run away into self-destruction when pain is too hard to bear. ‘Echo’ describes a sensual escape from hurt and a mundane life. We want our fans to know that they are not alone! Sometimes life just sucks and it’s ok to lose your way now and then.”

Official release is on November 8th, so pencil the date in.

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