Form and flow on JBXDR's new track 'Soul Fool' ft The Josh Craig

10/08/2019 02:48:00 pm

Berlin-based drummer and live electronic maestro JBXDR has returned with another offering - this time enlisting The Josh Craig for vocal duties. 'Soul Fool'  was recently released via Springstoff, and comes from his upcoming EP No 2 - which will hit the airwaves on 18 October.

The two seem to form a formidable musical pair. JBXDR uses all manners of electronic sounds, mixing it up with his affinity for drums. The new track is a beautifully flowing groove, textured by JBXDR's electronic tinkering, and The Josh Craigs vocal proclivities.

JBXDR gives some insight:  “I had a feeling that ‘Soul Fool’ needed to become the first track to feature a vocalist. I had just met Josh out in Berlin, his energy was strong and inspired and we resonated straight away. So I ended up sending him a bounce only to receive the first vocal sketches days later. At which point we knew that this would be only the first collaborations of many to come. A song where packaging fits content, ‘Soul Fool’ is just that. A gorgeous R&B influenced piece of musical cake - warm and embracing like honey. The vocals add a tinge of longing and an emotional three-dimensionality to the mix. The track itself highlights my understanding and maybe even manifests my vision on keeping a motif and its realm interesting and flowing throughout its different universes.”

We like.

No 2 EP Tracklist:

1 Pocketcall
2 Soul Fool ft The Josh Craig
3 Wanna Be Yellow
4 Fck Mars
5 Like L

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